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Custom Number Plates
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Legal Number Plates The Facts.. Number plates should show your vehicle registration number correctly, you cannot rearrange letters or numbers. Driving with illegal number plates, you could be fined up to£1,000 and fail MOT test. Number plates can only be made by a registered number plate supplier, such as ourselves.

Welcome to Premier Number Plates and thank you visiting. We are a family run business that is officially registered with the DVLA to supply 100% Road Legal number plates which are Department of Transport Approved, only for vehicles registered in the United Kingdom.

As a leading supplier of Replacement Plates, our services have been developed to provide customers with high quality products at a very competitive price on the market if not the cheapest. So if you need to replace Broken, Damaged or Cracked Number Plates simply by using the plate designer above and placing your order securely. We only sell legal Number Plates to fit on your vehicle and NOT the actual registration.

Beware of suppliers offering show registration plates stating that they are supplied as show plates for off road use as they will probably NOT meet the required BSAU 145D Standard. Show Plates are illegal and the police are now actively checking cars looking for people who break the rules. We are required by Law to see original documentation, details of where to post them will be provided on your email order. To ensure that you are compliant with Police checks and MOT requirements then choose a registered supplier like us or you could be fined.