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Buying Personalised Number Plates


If you have been out and about on the road then you are bound to have seen custom number plates on vehicles. These could be made up to spell a familiar word or even someones name. As they stand out from a normal number plate they usually catch your eye.

How Do These Number Plates Work?

These plates are usually clever combinations of letters and numbers used to make up a name. There are several Rules that have to be abided by in order to make these number plates road legal. For example the UK registrations system does not allow you to use more than 3 letters in a row to make up a number plate. Of course there are legal ways around this – which is where custom number plates come into play!

For example:

Consider you have or you want a number plate that refers to the fact that you are a dad. You would not be allowed the number plate “CESS BAD” as this is too many letters in a row to be legal. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out; instead you just have to use your imagination. Use the number 1 in place of the I and the number 9 in place of the G. You can legally have the number plate CE55 BAD - which would stand out for all the right reasons!

How to Get Personalised Number Plates Made up

Did you know that your number plate could be interchangeable? This means that you don’t necessarily have to keep the number plate your car has at the moment. It doesn’t usually occur to most people that they can change this, but you can! In fact when you start to look into it, you will see that it is quite a simple process when it comes to purchasing a different customer number plates UK and transfer it onto your vehicle.

Of course, you can’t just choose any number plate. You have to make sure that it is both legal and available. Think about the type of number plate that you want a use a customer number plates UK registration website such as to check this for you. You can then approach a company to take care of the paperwork for you and get this registered to you and your care.

On the flip side of this if you have a number plate that you feel someone else might want – you can make some money by selling it!

The process of buying and selling registrations is quite simple if you know what you are doing but you do have to bear in mind that it is not simply a matter of buying the one you want and swapping them. There are legal processes that you must follow in order to make sure that you are officially registered and that the number plate you own is registered to the correct vehicle. Both cars in question (the one that has the number plate now and the one you want to have the new number plate) but have current road tax and MOT.

It is, however, possible to purchase personalised number plates even if one does not have a taxed and insured vehicle – or, indeed, a vehicle of any kind! This is achieved using what is called a retention certificate. Basically, the entitlement to display the number is vested in this certificate, and can be transferred to a car at such later time as one becomes available. The certificate is valid for 12 months and is renewable.

Displaying Number Plates

Whatever type o number plate you have on your vehicle, you must make sure that it is displayed legally. There are very specific standards and regulations when it comes to number plate printing and display. Number plates must be displayed on acrylic plastic plates and even the size, colour and spacing of letters on the number plate must meet the UK standard. The only additional decorations permitted are a coloured border and/or a blue panel bearing one of the British national emblems or the Euro Stars emblem.

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