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Our Online numberplate customizer makes it possible for you to produce the exact number plates you are looking for. You can choose from a number of legal badges but due to new regulation, personal or trade marked badges are not allowed. As well as adding a border from a range of colours.. Always staying within DVLA regulations.

Every number plate we sell comes complete with a fixing kit, we do not charge for this like Halfords. You can chose from selection of legal fonts ( No extra cost ) and side badges for your legal Plate and Custom Number Plate to ensure that the design is truly unique to you.

Getting a new car is a dream come true for most people. It's shiny and on the outside, clean and new smelling on the inside, but what about the number plates !? This is one thing that can actually enhance the look of your car, but often goes ignored by even the most proud car owners. It is very true that number plates can really have a big impact on the looks of the vehicle.

While other number plate makers offer various styles of fonts, unfortunately only Charles Wright standard, inline and 3D are legal and allowed to be used on the UK highway. Other styles should not be used or your could receive fines by police and for definite a failure of your MOT.. Show Plates are 100 % illegal !!

Our custom number plates really give your car that personal touch and extra stand out from the crowd look. Use different fonts ,badges, borders and colours to create your superb personal custom number plates

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