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For a long time now DVLA has issued Number Plates but previosly for over a century it was done by DVLC for. All registrations are made up by convinating letters and numbers, allthough the format has changed over the years. From the first dateless number plates to the new style released in 2001. You’ll find all the information in our number plate styles overview.

DVLA number plates were issued according to areas – each area having its own letter code. It’s still like that today, though the increasing popularity of private registration plates means many are not issued according to area codes.

All number plates should be displayed as per DVLA rules and specidifactions, or there’s a risk of a fine or even the registration plates removed and being confiscated. The enforcement of the rules are getting stronger with the increasing use of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras for the management of congestion charges and in speed cameras.

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We supply only legal registration number Plates. That means they must be spaced according to the rules, and the letters or numbers cannot be distorted to make registration plates look like a word. They will also carry our maker’s ID and postcode (as required by law). Please see our Terms and conditions for more details

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