GB flags on number plates still legal post Brexit

The GB flag on your number plate will still be legal after Brexit, regardless of the outcome, though drivers will need to display a GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle when travelling abroad.
It will still be legal to display GB number plates after Brexit, with or without a deal

UK number plate suppliers are safe to continue producing number plates with the GB and EU stars after Brexit, regardless of whether we leave the EU with a transitional deal, a no transition deal or with no deal altogether. The EU directive which permitted UK plates to include a GB flag was replicated into UK law in 2001, at which time the digits were shrunk down in order to incorporate regional flags as an optional element. The EU flag will remain legal on number plates with the GB identifier (hereafter used interchangeably with “GB number plates”) after Brexit until the government chooses to amend this law. Currently there are no plans to do this and it is unlikely to become a priority in the near future.

Whether we leave the EU or remain, the GB number plate system will remain unique to Britain, due in part to government involvement and a thriving secondary market. Brexit will not affect the current style format of British plates, which is currently set to continue until 2050. Drivers can also opt for blank plates or national identifiers such as the Union Flag, Cross of St George, Cross of St Andrew or Red Dragon.

What you should do when travelling abroad?

Following Brexit, UK drivers will need to display a GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle when travelling in the EU, even if the vehicle has GB number plates. The GB sticker, which has always been an alternative to the GB identifier, will be required to fulfil all Vienna Convention obligations regarding the vehicle’s country of origin.

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our Advice Centre Government guidance on driving in the EU after Brexit: – 0208 144 1715

Changes – updates in BS AU 145e

Change / New Rules and Highlights

  • Standard Font Only – no 3D, Inline or Carbon versions
  • Supplier Bottom Lines – max height of 10mm, min of 3mm
  • British Standard Number – must be a minimum of 3mm high
  • National Flags – to replace Euro side badges
  • Adhesive Pads – to become fixing of choice
  • Branding – lips and frames are permitted – 0208 144 1715

BSAU145e – New Rules

Update on BS AU 145e:2018 Specification for Retroreflecting Number Plates

BSI published this new specification on 1st March 2018 with the intention of it updating and replacing BS AU 145d (published 1998). We understand that DVLA was not able to finalise the content of the Statutory Instrument (necessary to introduce BS AU 145e into legislation) in time to make use of the parliamentary slot originally designated for the Statutory Instrument this autumn.

As a result BS AU 145e has no legal status and there is currently no change in existing regulations relating to number plate product performance – The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 with subsequent amendments are still the relevant regulations.

We are awaiting to hear from DVLA as to the next steps in this process and we will update you on this situation when we can. – 0208 144 1715

Replacing registration plates

Many a time there comes a situation while driving that our eyes get stuck to others number plates. The reason behind this is not the car type which is driven but the use of some phrase of number or alphabets in the car plates. Nowadays people make use of the alphabets or the numbers in such a manner which not only gathers the attention of other people but at the same time helps the people driving the vehicle to be secured in the same manner.

However one should keep certain things in mind while replacing their number plates or accessories of their vehicle:

• The plates are easily visible from even a far distance. One should take care that even after long use it is not coming out apart.

• However, if you wish to replace it, take care to make use of the road legal number plates by visiting any store doing this work for a long period of time.

• No sooner the replacement number plates are being made, the damaged one needs to be removed. People generally make use of the screws or any sticky pads to get it stuck for a longer period of time. The car suppliers even provide free kits for fixing these plates during the time of purchase.

The use of the show plates is being made more than the standards one due to a number of additional benefits one gets from it. However, even when you make the customization as per your choice, you need to take care of some of the certain things which include:

• Font size: The font style opted for should not be bolded enough with a large and small size of style mixed up. The ultimate thing is that the entire number or the words of the plates should be visible enough even from a distance.

• Backgrounds: The background of the number plates should not be distracting enough for the other drivers of the vehicle. The plates should be made up of simple colors of backgrounds which would at the end serve the purpose of it.

• Color combination: A perfect combination of both the font and the background color needs to be made on the plates which would perfectly reveal and could be read even from the distance what is written on these plates.

If these things are kept in mind, replacing the number plates would certainly be beneficial. It is ideal to have two number plates set in the beginning while purchasing it so that even one of it gets damaged or worn out, the other one could be possibly used up without any loss of time. Even the high profile people

make use of the number plates to show their position and status. It helps them to gather public attention with ease. – 0208 144 1715

Legal Rude Banned Number Plate

Britain’s most offensive plate, held here by number plate dealer Pablo Emilia Escobar AKA El Pollo from Milton keynes, is no longer road-legal
Formerly on sale with private number plate suppliers Absolute Reg, the explicit CU11 NNT plate was given a value of £6,000 after it slipped through the DVLA prohibited list in 2016.
But its ban-dodging days are now over, as it has been ruled as too rude for the road.
The Government licencing agency confirmed that the plate was “no longer in circulation” as a legitimate registration, forcing Absolute Reg to pull down its listing.
CU11 NNT attracted a lot of attention from keen licence plate enthusiasts, and even the sellers were amazed that it had remained legal. – 0208 144 1715

Correct Legal Number Plate Spacing

Recently we have had loads of questions regarding legal spacing. There is only one way of making them depending of your type of reg.. We have attached an image that will help you understand it further. Number plate spacing CANT be changed or your plate will became illegal and will only get you in trouble. We only supply legal number plates ! – 0208 144 1715

2017 Number plate flags rules

A change in the law allowing national flags and symbols to appear on number plates could land drivers in trouble with police if they travel abroad, motoring organisations warned today.

Transport Minister John Spellar said the Union Jack, Cross of St George, Scottish Saltire or Welsh Dragon could appear on registration plates following a DVLA review.

“It is what the people of England, Scotland and Wales have asked for and strengthens their feeling of national identity,” he said.

British drivers could also include the letters ENG, SCO and CYM on plates, he added as he unveiled new-style plates outside the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions in central London.

An overhaul in the car registration system in September said drivers could only carry the EU flag and the letters GB on their number plates.

Scottish and Welsh nationalists complained that many people had already been using national flags and symbols, although they were technically illegal.

But the AA today said that many motorists with a national flag or symbol on their plates would not know that they must still display a separate GB sticker when travelling outside the UK.

It was a “tremendous drawback” that not having regulation EU plates could land motorists in hot water with foreign authorities, according to head of roads and transport policy Paul Watters.

“We are worried that people from Scotland, Wales or England will sail off abroad with their Saltire, dragon or St George’s cross and will fall foul of the law,” he said.

“It just needs one bolshy policeman in some far out place in Spain who doesn’t recognise SCO or CYM, or who is looking to make a name for himself, to cause a lot of problems.”

Edmund King, executive director of the RAC Foundation, the campaigning arm of the RAC, welcomed the change, but said it could be a problem abroad.

“I think the Government has shown flexibility in allowing it. There was an outcry by Scottish and Welsh drivers at not being able to show their nationality,” he said.

“But obviously the Government must remind drivers that their national symbols are not as well recognised in Europe and they will need GB stickers as well.”

Mr Spellar dismissed the claims, saying that foreign countries would be unlikely to prosecute drivers whose cars carried the new plates.

“Essentially what they are wanting is a clear way of identifying the country of origin of vehicles, but I do not think they will want to prosecute people who are bringing in a lot of tourist cash,” he added. – 0208 144 1715

Thieves Steal 56 Number Plates

An average of 56 number plates are stolen every day from vehicles in England and Wales, the RAC has revealed.

But the latest figure of 20,717 reported cases in 2014 was down by 12% from 23,667 in 2010, it added.

Pete Williams, of the RAC, said: “Number plate theft goes hand in hand with other types of crime such as motor vehicle theft.”

The figures were calculated after 34 police forces responded to Freedom of Information requests.

Criminals have been found to fix of the same make and model in a bid to make them appear genuine.

This makes it harder for them to be caught committing offences such as speeding or leaving fuel forecourts without paying.

Although the overall total of thefts in England and Wales has fallen since 2010, seven police forces revealed the problem has worsened.

West Midlands Police experienced the largest rise at 38%, followed by Derbyshire (34%), North Yorkshire (18%) and South Yorkshire (13%).

Warwickshire led the way for forces cutting incidents of stolen plates with an 80% reduction, ahead of Cheshire (55%), Surrey (50%) and Thames Valley Police (46%).

Mr Williams added: “Instances of number plates being stolen are probably symptomatic of a wider issue that police forces are no doubt well aware of.

“Motorists can take steps such as purchasing tamper-resistant number plates or screws, and parking their vehicle in as secure and well-lit location as possible.”

A National Police Chiefs’ Council spokesman said: “The levels of vehicle crime, including theft from motor vehicles, have fallen by nearly three quarters since 1997.

replacement-number-plates – 0208 144 1715

Legal Requirement – Documentation

Its is a DVLA requirement that all legal number plates supplier must verify and see original documentation. No copies or digital images are allowed. This is not our rule but DVLAs instead.

Customers: We dont bend the rules and you will be required to send original documentation as per the law. We inform this everywhere on our website.

Please do not assume otherwise as we are very clear that we follow the law. Any questions please contact RNPS on or 0300 123 0797 who will be able to confirm the mentioned information.


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