DVLA Accused of Ignoring Illegal Number Plates

The DVLA has been accused of turning a blind eye to the use of misrepresented car number plates. The accusation comes from Better Driving Please, a pressure group which aims to improve driver and pedestrian safety on the roads by asking people to report number plates. According to the group, the DVLA is ignoring drivers’ displays of illegal registration numbers because the Agency does not want to lose out on money.

Founder of BetterDrivingPlease.com, Andrew McGavin, has expressed great concern on this matter, saying that the DVLA does not want to damage its sales of plates by punishing offenders.

According to the DVLA’s rules governing the display of number plates, vehicle registration numbers must not be altered in any way. This includes no changes to the font (the standard ‘Charles Wright’ must be used), character positioning or appearance. Additionally, no logos must appear on plates. The rules in the UK are particularly strict, with the aim of all car registrations being easily traceable.

If plates do not adhere to the rules, police inform the DVLA, which initially warns drivers that they must make changes to the offending plate. If this fails, the plate is withdrawn.

The DVLA has been accused in recent months of failing to take the second step of removing registrations. Often, letters are sent out and ignored, Mr. McGavin believes, and this is the end of the matter. The motorist is able to continue driving with the plate.

The DVLA has been very successful with its sales of personalised number plates, with an estimated £1.3 billion being made for the Treasury since 1989. Mr. McGavin believes that this is the main reason for the lack of misrepresented plates being withdrawn.

The DVLA stands by its claims that illegal plates are being monitered and dealt with. In November, suppliers selling misrepresented personalised number plates will face fines of up to £2500. As a result, there should be fewer illegal number plates on the roads.
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