History Of Number Plates In The UK

Although vehicle number plates have been around for a number of years, they have taken different displays and layouts since they were first introduced. Way back when number plates first started things were a little uncertain and there were different rules in different areas which made things a little confusing. Of course as the demand for number plates increased a new system had to be looked at in order to make sure that everyone was reading from the same page.

Eventually they came up with a number plate display style that would give people a little information about the vehicle it was displayed on. Perhaps the biggest change was the introduction of a letter code at the end of the plate which told you when the number plate was issued. Not only did this help to age a vehicle but it also meant that was could reuse number sequences years after tear, just by changing the letter code at the end.

After we used all of the letter codes, things were flipped around and the letter for the year was displayed at the start of the number plate – giving us a whole new set of number plates we could use!

This soon ran out and in September 2001 the number plate system that we currently use was introduced. The current number plate format consists of a two-letter regional identifier called the “local memory tag”, a two-digit year code or “age identifier” and finally a three-letter “random element which provides the specific identification for each vehicle.
We have had this current system for over 10 years now and there is nothing in the pipeline to replace it, so who knows we might have this current layout of number plate designs around for a good few years yet!

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