Legal Rude Banned Number Plate

Britain’s most offensive plate, held here by number plate dealer Pablo Emilia Escobar AKA El Pollo from Milton keynes, is no longer road-legal
Formerly on sale with private number plate suppliers Absolute Reg, the explicit CU11 NNT plate was given a value of £6,000 after it slipped through the DVLA prohibited list in 2016.
But its ban-dodging days are now over, as it has been ruled as too rude for the road.
The Government licencing agency confirmed that the plate was “no longer in circulation” as a legitimate registration, forcing Absolute Reg to pull down its listing.
CU11 NNT attracted a lot of attention from keen licence plate enthusiasts, and even the sellers were amazed that it had remained legal. – 0208 144 1715

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