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Number Plates

All cars in the United Kingdom have two number plates attached to them. There is a white one of the front of the vehicle for example and a yellow one on the back. Unfortunately though thieves target number plates from cars with many being stolen from all over the country.

Huddersfield is just one area that is fighting back against crime, with the help of the West Yorkshire Police and the Local Ford Dealership Polar Ford. On Wednesday 6th February anti-tamper number plate screws can be fitted to vehicles in the local area completely and utterly free of charge.

Chris Sheard who is an Inspector with the Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team had the following to say earlier this week. Speaking to The Huddersfield Daily Examiner Inspector Sheard said, “We support schemes such as this in helping the local community take measures to help combat vehicle crime. Using tamper proof screws will make it much harder for number plates to be stolen.”

Number plates are often stolen for a number of reasons, with the main ones being speeding tickets and driving off from petrol stations without paying for fuel.

Paul Darwell who works at the Polar Ford Dealership was also quick to endorse the scheme and urged people to take the company up on their free offer. Mr Darwell said, “Swapping out standard screws for the anti-tamper variety is a very quick, yet effective way to deter number plate thieves and we’re very pleased to be able to provide this free service.”

So the message is if you live in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas get down to the Polar Ford Dealership as quick as you can on Wednesday 6th February and get your car fitted with the anti-tamper number plate screws. In doing so you will be doing your bit to fight crime and keep the thieves at bay. – 0208 144 1715

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