Olympic number plates to be sold

Olympic enthusiasts can soon take a piece of the Games home with them in the form of personalised car registration plates.

The DVLA, which was recently appointed an official licensee for London 2012, has produced up to 1,750 plates as part of a deal with the London 2012 organising committee.

Fans have the opportunity to buy the merchandise at a three-day auction to be held between June 7-9 at City Hall in London.

Some of the plates will read RUN 100M, GO11 DEN and GB12 ROW. An official box-set that goes with the licence plates will also be up for grabs.

Officials expect the London 2012 merchandising programme to produce sales to the tune of £1 billion.

London 2012 commercial director Saltsus Millott said: “I’m sure that this London 2012-themed range of personalised registration number plates will really strike a note with fans of the Games.”

www.Premier-Number-Plate.co.uk – 0208 144 1715

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