Number Plate Maker

Whether you need bespoke legal number plates or professional show plates, using a reliable number plates maker is crucial. Getting a hold of the perfect number plate maker for your needs however may be a daunting task considering the ton of services to choose from. not only has the right tools to ensure the number plates we produce are in line with legal specifications, but also plates that are built to last. We use the best materials that adhere to British Standards BSAU145D to ensure customer’s needs are given top priority.


Our number plates maker can be used to generate plates for all types of vehicles from cars and trucks to motorbikes and caravans. Adding to this, you can also create plates for import vehicles from America, Europe or the Far East. If you plan on using your number plates on the road, you need to choose from those that are road legal. If you’re looking to create show plates, you will be spoilt for choice as you can not only select from the various options, but you can further enhance them by customising their border, background and font.

Using a number plates maker requires no technical knowledge and to get started, simply enter your registration plate number and select from the various options to gradually customise your plates. Once you’re satisfied with your design, simply head to the online checkout to complete your purchase, which can be generally paid for using all major debit and credit cards. Our payment processing channel is extremely secure so you can rest assured that your details will not be compromised.

If there are any discrepancies with your purchase or any issues crop up with regards to using the number plates maker, simply get in touch and we will get back to as soon as possible. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to browse through our FAQ page to see if it helps answer your query or issue. Some of the most common questions are the time it takes to receive your registration plates, if they arrive pre-drilled and terms and conditions regarding cancellation policies.

In most instances, number plates can be ordered and had very quickly with shipping generally completed via Royal Mail. There are several benefits of using a number plates maker to create your next set of registration plates, with the most notable ones being customisation and – 0208 144 1715

Should Europe Dictate Our Number Plates ?


British number plates have been part of our automotive heritage since the turn of the century. The number plate has evolved over the last 110 years to it’s current format and predates even the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, DVLA. When the vehicle registration numbers were first displayed on number plates the front and back plates were black with white letting.

The index of vehicle registration numbers was managed locally by county council, each having there own Letter or Letters. A1 was the first ever registration number which was allocated in London. As the popularity of the motor vehicle increased and by virtue the registration numbers in circulation accelerated the need for a central UK body emerged. The DVLA have for a number of years handled the registration number index.

The number plates on our vehicles have gone through many changes since the original black and white plates. As road safety and modern technology enhancements have developed the number plates have advanced to it’s current guise.
Number Plates Poll In Brussels

We have managed to develop our number plates for over 100 years with out the help or dictate from outsiders. Until now that is, The European Parliament is considering plans to standardise a European design for number plates complete with identifying tags, across the continent. The design would likely make it compulsery to display the European Badge. The British Conservative MEP Syed Kamall has said the plans were “idiotic.”

These proposals, the work of a Dutch MEP, are supposed to be aimed at making it easier to travel through other European countries and protect against fraud. This if successful could give way to a European index of vehicle registration numbers.

The laws surrounding our British number plates are already very rigid. The colours of the background and characters, Font, Character size and spacing are already dictaed by Legislation. We can currently have the GB Euro stars or Regional Badges if we so – 0208 144 1715

Best way to fir a Car Number Plates on UK Cars

There are several individuals who spend a ton of money on personalized car number plates, yet sadly have no clue how to mount them. Not knowing how to fit them perfectly will make them look awkward and as a result tarnish their appeal. Until now, self tapping screws were used to drill and fix car number plates to a vehicle, but that has since changed. Today however almost all car number plates are glued to the vehicle thanks to the advent of plastic bumpers and dual sided tape.

Best way to Mount Car Number Plates on UK Cars Best-way-to-fit-Car-Number-Plates-on-UK-Cars to saying the conventional method of mounting car number plates and the latest technique of installation each have their fair share of pros and cons, which we aim to highlight in the following paragraphs. The old way of installing car number plates with screws will undeniably secure the plates well, but at times the screws may head in a different direction than intended close to or through a digit. This can alter the car number plate and allow water may to seep through the holes, and separate the acrylic and reflective over time.

If you’re going to mount car number plates with screws, start by determining an accurate position for where the screw heads will land, and start drilling from the face and stop as soon as the drill tip hits the other side. Now flip the plate, and drill from the back until the drill breaks through, which will prevent the reflective and acrylic from falling apart. Be careful not to drill through a digit, but if you do simply add a bit of black paint to the tip of the screw to improve the appearance.

If the tip of the screw lands in other areas other than the digits such as a blank space, use readily available screw head covers to blend them in with the acrylic. You can opt for yellow and white plastic bolts in this situation, but they do not prove useful on modern integrated bumpers. Sticking the car number plates right on to the vehicle is another great option, but the only pitfall with this method is the high chances of one of them coming off. As a solution, clean the area where the car number plates will be fitted thoroughly, and de-grease it with a solvent. Once done, use high quality and lots of sticky fixers to affix them to the vehicle.

The last option and probably the easiest way of mounting car number plates is to get a set of mounting frames and then clip the plates right onto them. This mounting method is also great for those who change their car often as you can keep your plates when you sell the vehicle and mount them onto your new – 0208 144 1715

What to Look for in Replacement Number Plates ?

The law requires that number plates be fitted on your registered vehicle and be clearly visible from a distance of 20 meters. If your plates have been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, you can easily order replacement number plates via our site. As an authorized number plate supplier, we can only provide replacement number plates that comply to current legal specifications. A new set of plates will give your vehicle a new lease of life, and with so many styles and customization options to choose from coupled with our easy to use plate designer, we can definitely help you make your vehicle stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Before you set out to buy replacement number plates, it is good to keep in mind some essential information so that you are rest assured that you receive the right plates for your vehicle.

Apart from number plates being broken, faded or having marks obscuring the letters and numbers, another reason to buy replacement number plates is to have them personalized. A custom combination of various numbers and letters representing important words that have specific significance such as your name can be had at a small price. Using a bit of imagination, you can spell out literally anything you desire on your replacement number plates UK versions. Shopping for number plates from us is easy, fast and convenient and the plates you buy are sure to adhere to the specifications set out by the DLVA.

A good way to get familiar with what’s legal and what’s not is to visit the official DLVA website, which also lists the criteria for replacement number plates. You must provide us with legal documents (original) such as one for your proof of identity and one for proof of entitlement. Collectively, both the documents must clearly reveal your name, address or vehicle entitlement. In addition, the replacement number plates you receive from us will bear our name and postcode at the botton part of the plates, which is another legal requirement.

You should avoid adding placing any symbols such as football club badges as it is illegal, and the only symbols you can display on the left side are:

Cross of St Andrew – also known as the Saltire
Union Flag
Cross of St George
Red Dragon of Wales

These tips will help you when shopping for replacement number plates, but bottom line is that they must adhere to the specifications set out by the – 0208 144 1715

Buying A New Number Plate

Whether you’re buying a personalised number plate or you simply need to replace an existing number plate on a car, you’ll want to make sure that you buy it from the right type of retailer.

If you look for a number plate retailer online then you’ll find that there are different companies for you to choose from – although these cant all give you what you want! So make sure you do your research and choose from a company you can trust.

Road-Legal Plates

If you’re buying a number plate to display on the road then you need to make sure that you buy form a company that sells road-legal plates. It is possible to get number plates which are designed just for fun, displaying these will get you into trouble.

Road-legal plates need to be written in the correct font, with the right spacing between the letters and even displayed on the correct material. It sounds complicated but you could land yourself a hefty fine if you don’t stick to the rules.

The best thing you can do is choose to buy from a company that is registered with the DVLA so you know that their number plate is up to the job and meets all of the legal rules and regulations. – 0208 144 1715

Could Number Plates Make The Perfect Christmas Present?

Could Number Plates Make The Perfect Christmas Present?

At this time of year it can be hard to know what to buy someone – especially if you have a loved one that is very fussy. If you’re stuck with what to buy someone, why not look at getting them something practical?

If you have someone that is into cars then it be fun to get them new number plates for their vehicle. Although at first glance this might not seem the most exciting present you could buy them, you can be sure that it isn’t going to be something that they are expecting!

As long as you make sure you’re buying the right number plate and you buy from a replacement number retailer than is DVLA registered then you can’t go far wrong. Choose them something with a different font or a flag logo on and you’ll be able to give them something that they will love! The good news is that replacement number plates are affordable so you won’t even have to worry about breaking the bank in order to get hold of one of these – so it really is a win-win situation when it comes to Christmas present solutions this year. – 0208 144 1715