Personalised Number Plates Information

If you have never owned a personalised number plate for your vehicle before then there are a few questions that you may need answers to. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers.

If I purchase a personalised number plate do I have to inform my insurance company?

Yes it is important that you inform your car insurance company of any change in the vehicle number plates. If you were to make a claim for your vehicle from the insurers where the car was deemed to be beyond repair and written off, then you would still own the number plate registration for that vehicle.

Can I transfer my personalised number plate to any vehicle that I own in the future?

Yes you are able to transfer your personalised number plates to any car you own as long as it is the same age as the car you own now or it is younger than the car you own now; it is not possible to transfer it to a newer car than you already have. There will be a fee charged for the transfer and will include putting as number plate on the old vehicle you are taking the personalised number plate from.

What happens to the original number plates from my vehicle?

When you come to change your vehicle it may be possible to re-register the original number plate to the vehicle, so keep it in storage until such time. It is not guaranteed that you will be able to re-register using the original plates, sometimes a new plate will be issued just recognising the age of the vehicle.

Where can I get my personalised number plates made up?

You will have to have your personalised number plates made up by a recognised supplier that are registered with the DVLA. You will need to supply proof that the registration number is in fact yours, which could be the certificate of entitlement to a mark or a cherished transfer retention document as well as proof of your identity. – 0208 144 1715

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