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The World’s Most Expensive Private Number Plates

Private number plates, also known as personalized number plates, are special car registrations that fall outside that standard car identification system. They can be fun and quirky, and often they will spell out part of a person’s name or nickname. Because you can only purchase one of each type of personalized number plate, they are often considered to be a good investment. This article takes a look at some of the world’s most expensive private number plates.

The most expensive number plate ever sold in the UK, was the number plate that read F1. It was sold to an English businessman called Afzal Khan, for a whopping £440,000. Ironically he placed it on a Mercedes-Benz Mclaren car, which cost £200,000 less than the number plate itself!

If you think that was a lot of money, then check out the world’s most expensive number plate. It simply read ‘1’ and it was sold for £7.25 million! The world’s most expensive number plate was purchased by Saeed Abdul Ghaffar in Abu Dhabi.

In fact Abu Dhabi must have a thing for private number plates. Four out of the top five most expensive number plates in the world were purchased by people from Abu Dhabi. In 2nd place a number plate that read ‘5’ was sold for £3.5 million, The registration plate that read ‘7’ was sold for £1.58 million, and number ‘12’ went for a cool £1.24 million.

You can purchase number plates from specialist online retailers, or from online auction sites, such as eBay. Always check that the number plates come with the correct documentation, to ensure that they are not fake plates. You will need to register your private number plates with the DVLA, or the driving agency that governs your area. – 0208 144 1715

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