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Cars are among the most prized possessions for many people in the UK

So it's no surprise that Personalised Number Plates are so popular and can garner so much attention in the news and media.
Known as "vanity plates" in the US, personalised number plates offer car owners a great way to place a personal and lasting stamp on their vehicle. In fact, personalised number plates are a growing alternative to regular registration plates, which are allocated from a dealer's list or "inherited" with a second hand car, none of which have the charisma - or the glamour - that personalised reg number plates can bestow!

Online number plates supplier has extended its product offering legal number plate replacement, standard classic number plates or custom number plates.
The number plates are manufactured using traditional methods the same way they would have been when many now classic cars were first manufactured. The pressed numberplates comply with all DVLA and BS requirements. Once pressed the components then is wiped clean to leave a pristine black and yellow reflective number plate.

This handmade process makes a high quality legal number plate. We use the standard size and other custom sizes can be produced on your request. Shipping throughout the United Kingdom !!. Enquiries to supply replacement European number plates worldwide will also be considered. Director Cesar Rocca commented, “The investment in developing our online plate creator, offers to provide top quality number plates at a very competitive price if not the cheapest in UK.."

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