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Our Number Plates are created according to the highway vehicle display of registration marks regulations 2001, which is available from HMSO. Listed here are the key rules on how to display the road legal number plates:

All vehicle identical number plates need to be displayed at the front and rear of the vehicles with nofew exceptions.
All vehicle number plates must be readable and meet with all British standards.
All lettering are typically in black over a white plate at the front end and black on yellow at the rear of the vehicles.
All necessary number plate background services are going to be of a reflective material.
There is separate legislation necessary for the main traditional number plates which were displayed on some vehicles built before 1 January 1973.

As a Road Legal Number Plate Supplier, the correct spacing of letters employed for all legal number plates is going to be in the correct font type and size.
You should never alter nor rearrange nor misrepresent any of the letters around the number plate, and characters ought not to be moved from a single group towardsthe other.
Offences could result in a fine to the number of £1000, the potential of the registration Mark from the vehicle could possibly be withdrawn as well as in some circumstances your vehicle may well be fail the MOT.

You'll find detailed information on the display of registration marks regulation 2001. All licensed number plate suppliers need to request entitlment documents to completely comply with the required specifications.

A driving licence that's valued within United Kingdom with or without having a photograph, a utility Bill (Gas, Electricity or Water), a landline telephone bill or Government tax bill, current from the past 6 months. An existing bank or building society statement, current up-to-date passport whether issued or otherwise not in the UK, a national identity card, valid debit or credit card, a police officer’s warrant card or Armed Forces identification card. Legal Number Plates DVLA.

We have to view the Vehicle Registration certificate (V5) or Retention Certificate if applicable. Other documentation may be required in order to verify your right to affix a number plate to a vehicle for which you are legally responsible. Buy your next Number Plate Online.and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
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