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Custom Number Plates

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We are Legal Numberplate Makers and we provide next day delivery to Wolverhampton and other areas. The Custom Number Plates we supply are of the highest quality the cheapest from all other resellers in UK. The materials used to manufacture our Legal Number Plates are produced using the Best technology and conform to all DVLA requirements.

Wolverhampton Corporation Tramways officially started operating on the 1st May 1900, having taken over the lines of the Wolverhampton Trams Company. That company had opened its first line to A Wolverhampton double deck horse tram. Tettenhall on the 1st May 1878. There were three lines, operated by horse trams using standard gauge tracks (4'8½"). The cars were double-deck with open tops and garden seats. They were also only dimly lit inside with just two oil lamps, which also served as the tail and front lamps.

By 1932, the available codes were running out, and an extended scheme was introduced. This scheme placed a serial letter before the code, and had the sequence number run only to 999, thus restricting the number of characters in a registration to six. The first area to issue such marks was UK in July 1932 with ARF 1 etc, and all other areas in Wolverhampton, plus most areas in Scotland, followed suit once they had issued all their two-letter registrations.

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