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We are Number plates Makers and we delivery to Coventry and the surrounding areas when proof of entitlement and personal details have been verified. The Custom Registrations Plates we supply are of the highest quality and the cheapest from all other resellers in Coventry and UK. The materials used to manufacture our Legal Number Plate are produced using the Best technology and conform to all DVLA requirements. Premier Number Plates only supplies UK legal plates using the correct size and spacing of the characters.

The standard numberplate size front number plate is 520 mm × 111 mm (20½" × 4⅜"). Rear plates are either the same size, or 285 mm × 203 mm or 533 mm × 152 mm. There is no specified legal size for a number plate. For example, the front & Rear number plate of a Rover 75 is 635 mm x 175 mm. However, all number plates must adhere to British Standard BS AU 145d, which must be marked on the plate, along with the name and postcode of the manufacturer and the supplier of the plates.Coventry Registration plate Makers
Coventry became home to one of Britain's first local ambulance services in 1902. The local entertainment business received a boost in 1910 when the city's first cinema opened. Public transport was enhanced in 1914 when motorbuses took to local roads

Coventry became a major centre of bicycle manufacture. The industry being energised by the invention by James Starley and his nephew John Kemp Starley of the Rover Safety Bicycle, which was much safer and more popular than the pioneering Penny Farthing. The company later became Rover. By the early 20th century, bicycle manufacture had evolved into motor manufacture, and Coventry became a major centre of the British motor industry. The design headquarters of Jaguar Cars is still in the city at their Whitley plant and although they ceased vehicle assembly at their Browns Lane plant in 2004, their head office has returned to the city in 2011, and is sited at their Whitley Plant. However Tata Motors from India owns Jaguar now.

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