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Premier Number Plates Makers offer daily to Edinburgh inc. Rotterham, Towcester, Lincoln, Retford, Stockport, Leeds, Manchester, Harrogate,Bradford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Workshop & Coventry and throughout the UK

We are DVLA registered and supply legal number plates. We comply with UK Law in terms of number plates fonts, spacing and flag badges. If you need a replacement number plates because yours has broken, cracked, damaged or if your number plate has been stolen.

Beware of any company or website offering to supply Show plates or off road plates as these have been outlawed under recent government legislation. Any plate displaying a vehicle registration mark must be in the correct legal number plate format. Failure to correctly display your registration number on a number plate can lead to a heafty fine, withdrawal of the registration number by the Police and preventing your vehicle from passing it's MOT

Over the past 20 years, growth in car ownership and car use has caused traffic levels on some of the main city roads to increase by up to 60% and 30% the cost of car Edinburgh Number Plates. In Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland, over a 10-year period, car ownership levels have risen by 57%, compared with a national growth rate of only 29%. This increase has, in turn, caused significant increases in traffic congestion, parking problems and air pollution at key city locations.

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