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If you are located in Manchester and you are looking for a legal number plate supplier so that you can get next day delivery to Manchester and surrounding areas when proof of entitlement and personal details have been verified, you have found your Premier Number Plates destination. We are fully compliant with all of the requirements of the DVLA and our license plates and Registration Plates are legally bound. All of our plates are already specified to the correct size that is required by the DVLA, but we do allow our customers to customize some of the details of their plate. For instance, you can change the font of the plate, you can customize the border of the plate, and you can even change the badge of the plate. These are all features that can be customized to your liking. Additionally, the spacing of the letters and various details like this are already set in place because of requirements by the DVLA.

After taking a look over our website, you will see that we provide some the best prices when it comes to registration plates. Whether you want to buy just one number plate, or you want new plates for both the front and the back of the vehicle you’ll find Keep in mind, you want to be sure to purchase from a quality company that is fully compliant with the DVLA and lives up to all legal requirements. We offer that and more, but some of our competitors do not. If you purchase from one of them and they are not legally compliant, you could get in trouble from the police because all of the registration plates in the UK have to live up to the legal standards that have been set in place since the year of 1904. If you are looking for a number plate Manchester based company then get in touch today!

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