New 62 Reg Number Plates

The new ’62’ series of registration number plates will be released by the DVLA in June of this year. As always, there will be tremendous demand for the best name and word plates from the DVLA ’62’ plates and the chances of securing your cherished registration is slim. However, Plate Master has developed a well tested solution to secure your ideal 62 number plate. Using highly sophisticated software, especially developed for these occasions and as a result of substantial investment, Plate Master has near a 100% chance of securing any new 62 registration plate. No other dealer has use of this technology. Using this system we successfully secured 98% of new number plates the previous occasion a series was released.

You don’t actually need to own a vehicle to buy one of these new 62 registration plates. So although these new registrations can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after 1st September 2012, they can be supplied and kept on a certificate indefinitely, so you can transfer when you are ready. This makes a 62 reg an ideal gift or a good investment. The range of attractive combinations is extensive and diverse with some spectacular name and word matches. The number 62 can, to a varying extent, – 0208 144 1715

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