Changes – updates in BS AU 145e

Change / New Rules and Highlights

  • Standard Font Only – no 3D, Inline or Carbon versions
  • Supplier Bottom Lines – max height of 10mm, min of 3mm
  • British Standard Number – must be a minimum of 3mm high
  • National Flags – to replace Euro side badges
  • Adhesive Pads – to become fixing of choice
  • Branding – lips and frames are permitted – 0208 144 1715

BSAU145e – New Rules

Update on BS AU 145e:2018 Specification for Retroreflecting Number Plates

BSI published this new specification on 1st March 2018 with the intention of it updating and replacing BS AU 145d (published 1998). We understand that DVLA was not able to finalise the content of the Statutory Instrument (necessary to introduce BS AU 145e into legislation) in time to make use of the parliamentary slot originally designated for the Statutory Instrument this autumn.

As a result BS AU 145e has no legal status and there is currently no change in existing regulations relating to number plate product performance – The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 with subsequent amendments are still the relevant regulations.

We are awaiting to hear from DVLA as to the next steps in this process and we will update you on this situation when we can. – 0208 144 1715