Police Clamp Down on incorrect Number plate spacing

POLICE forces have combined their resources to target those using illegal number plates.

Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Police are working together on Operation Dragon for three weeks until August 5.

Illegal number plates are often used on cars and vans involved in crime because they are difficult for officers to read and identify.

So traffic teams are working together to spot the culprits.

Last time about 300 drivers were given fines of up to £1,000 each for the offence.

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No more Illegal MR L1ON Number Plate for Brighton Businessman

A businessman has been banned from using his personalised number plate after traffic officials said it was illegal to use on the road.

Police have warned Dave Day, who founded the Golden Lion chain of pubs in Brighton, that he faces prosecution if he continues to use the £8,000 MR L10N plate on his chauffeur-driven Bentley.

For the past seven years the plate has been well known in the city with tourists flagging him down to have their photo taken with it.

But last month the 61-year-old was flagged down again, this time by an unmarked police car on Brighton seafront.

Officers issued him with a £60 fine and told him that Mr Lion had to go because the letters were not spaced out correctly on the number plate.

Mr Day, whose pubs include The Cricketers, The Long Man of Wilmington and The Ladies Mile, admits he did have the L moved a couple of millimetres to make the two words more distinguishable.

He said: “People get plates adapted or altered all the time. You would think the police have got better things to do than chase around after my number plate.

He said: “People get plates adapted or altered all the time. You would think the police have got better things to do than chase around after my number plate.

“We’ve had nine murders in the city in the last year. My plate is just there to make people smile. Children and tourists ask me if they can be photographed with it.”

He said he found the fact that officers acted on the legal technicality of the spacing between the R and the L being illegal “pathetic”.

Members of the Day dynasty are recognisable in the city for their signature plates.

His daughter has MI55 DAY and his son owns L10N LD.

A spokeswoman for the DVLA said: “We make it very clear that registration marks must be correctly displayed. Misrepresented number plates can cause problems for enforcement bodies like the police using automatic number plate recognition cameras.

“The police can issue fixed penalty fines for illegally displayed number plates and offenders could face a maximum fine of £ 1,000.”

A Sussex Police spokesman confirmed that if someone continuously failed to comply with the law regarding number plates they could face criminal prosecution.

The Mr Lion plate has now been replaced with 23 DD

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New 62 Reg Number Plates

The new ’62’ series of registration number plates will be released by the DVLA in June of this year. As always, there will be tremendous demand for the best name and word plates from the DVLA ’62’ plates and the chances of securing your cherished registration is slim. However, Plate Master has developed a well tested solution to secure your ideal 62 number plate. Using highly sophisticated software, especially developed for these occasions and as a result of substantial investment, Plate Master has near a 100% chance of securing any new 62 registration plate. No other dealer has use of this technology. Using this system we successfully secured 98% of new number plates the previous occasion a series was released.

You don’t actually need to own a vehicle to buy one of these new 62 registration plates. So although these new registrations can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after 1st September 2012, they can be supplied and kept on a certificate indefinitely, so you can transfer when you are ready. This makes a 62 reg an ideal gift or a good investment. The range of attractive combinations is extensive and diverse with some spectacular name and word matches. The number 62 can, to a varying extent,

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Liverpool Fan with Man Utd Number Plate

A football fan is set to cash in on United’s historic season – with a car registration plate celebrating the Reds’ record-breaking success.

Bilal Chawala, 31, paid just £250 for the registration M19 WON before United secured their 19th league title.

He’s already turned down an offer of £5,000. Bilal himself doesn’t want the plate – he’s a Liverpool fan.

The Reds’ latest title saw them surpass their Merseyside rivals to hold the record number of top-flight league crowns.

But canny Bilal, an accounts manager from Levenshulme, Manchester, said his investment was a simple case of forward-thinking. He said: “I thought of the idea about buying plate when I was watching a United match on television in March.

“I did a bit of digging and researching and just took a punt on it. Now it is a sound investment and a piece of history.

“It would be a great memento. It would look great on a fan’s car or a car belonging to one of the players. It is a great, portable piece of Manchester United’s history.”

Bilal now plans to put the registration plate up for sale on eBay.

He said: “It is hard to put a price on it because its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

“My mates are all United fans and being a Liverpool fan, I have had lots of stick over the years. It’s just not something I could have on my car.”

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Number Plates History – T8

News stories of late have been full of registrations that have been ‘firsts’. The registration M1 was sold in 2006 for a then record fee of £331,500. M1 was the very first registration issued in Cheshire, in 1903, and was sold at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2006 to businessman Mike McComb. Mr McComb made his millions in the mobile phone industry, selling his chain of stores to BT Cellnet in 2000 for £40m before turning his hand to property development. It’s alleged that he purchased the M1 number plate for his then 10 year old son, but it seems dad has borrowed it as it’s currently being sported on a White Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG convertible.

Two years later and at its second attempt to sell, Essex County Council sold their F1 vehicle registration for a whopping £375,000. This smashed the previous record and was bought by Bradford-based businessman Afzal Kahn. Once the VAT had been added Mr Kahn stumped up £440,625 to use this number plate, that for many years had been worn on the Essex County Council Chairman’s Volvo. First registered in 1904, the year that it became compulsory for all motor vehicles to bear a registration plate, it was owned by Essex County surveyor, Percy John Sheldon. It was handed back to the county in 1955 after over half a decade in private ownership where it was used on a series of civic limousines. The money made by the council is to be put towards road safety, by improving the skill level of young drivers in Essex. More recently it has been published in the press that Mr. Kahn has turned down a £5 million offer for the registration, which has been used on a number of different vehicles including a Bugatti Veyron and a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren since the Kahn Design founder took ownership.

While these are now both considered private number plates, and incredibly sort-after ones at that, they weren’t issued with that intention. The fact that they are number 1’s is simply down to the number system, and that they were issued before any other registration in their respective counties. They don’t represent a name or a person’s initials and the original owners only came by them by the good fortune of being wealthy enough to own a vehicle in the early 1900s and generally, knowing somebody at the issuing office!

The story of the private number plate is a little different. T8 was probably not the first private number plate as many people think, but is generally considered the first ‘celebrity’ number plate and records only really exist due to its famous owner. The T-style registrations were also brought in during the first decade of the twentieth century in the Devon administrative area and T1 would’ve been the first issued, much like F1 and M1. However it was T8 that was famously owned by music hall comedian, Harry Tate, who later became a film star in the 1930s.

Tate was born Ronald Macdonald Hutchinson in 1872, and before finding fame worked for Henry Tate & Sons – Sugar Refiners, from which he took his stage name. We can assume that it was issued as the eighth registration in Devon, and is known as one of the first registrations to be transferred from vehicle-to-vehicle. Tate’s vehicles proudly wore his newly invented private number plate for many years. Tate sadly passed away shortly after suffering a stroke in 1940 and sometime after the plate was on the move again. T8 was sold to Tate’s previous employers who had since merged with rival refiners Abram Lyle & Sons to become Tate & Lyle. It has since moved into private hands and can currently be seen on a 2002 Alfa Romeo 147 T-Spark thought to be worth around 1-2% of the value of the number plates

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Rare 1928 car was buried with original number plates

Rare two-seater 1928 car found buried under a cowshed in Gloucestershire has won a Best Vintage Car award.

All the parts of the 1928 MG MK IV Sports car were found in 1999 on a farm “carefully dismantled” and laid in the ground under two inches of concrete.

Fred Body, from Cheddar in Somerset, has spent over a year painstakingly rebuilding the early MG.

He said: “It’s weird really – most of it was there and most of it was as sound as a pound.”

According to the Early MG Society, only 135 examples of this model were made in 1928 and this car is the sole survivor in the country that displays the correct coachwork.

“When it was found it was completely taken apart, laid out flat and covered in gravel and one or two inches of concrete,” said Mr Body, a car enthusiast who bought the parts when the owner put them up for sale.

Wartime secret

“I think what must have happened was the war was coming and someone thought ‘they’re not taking my car for scrap’.

“They carefully took it apart and buried it thinking they would come back and put it together again.”

It was only when the shed was pulled down and the floor dug up that the car was discovered with all its identification including Guarantee plate and original number plates.

“Some of the original leather from the seats and paint work was there so we could colour match it as near as possible,” said Mr Body.

“But some of the aluminium had corroded where I think the concrete had cracked and urine from the cow house had got in.

“And all the instruments were missing – they probably adorned someone’s fireplace – so they were the most difficult to find.”

At the end of April the resurrected car won the Best Vintage Car award at the Bristol Classic Car Show.

A spokesman for the Early MG Society said: “There is no history on this car until 1999 when it was miraculously ‘discovered’.

“It is now one of the few genuine MGs that has come to light in the last 25 years – it’s been a real “from the ground up” restoration

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Olympic number plates to be sold

Olympic enthusiasts can soon take a piece of the Games home with them in the form of personalised car registration plates.

The DVLA, which was recently appointed an official licensee for London 2012, has produced up to 1,750 plates as part of a deal with the London 2012 organising committee.

Fans have the opportunity to buy the merchandise at a three-day auction to be held between June 7-9 at City Hall in London.

Some of the plates will read RUN 100M, GO11 DEN and GB12 ROW. An official box-set that goes with the licence plates will also be up for grabs.

Officials expect the London 2012 merchandising programme to produce sales to the tune of £1 billion.

London 2012 commercial director Saltsus Millott said: “I’m sure that this London 2012-themed range of personalised registration number plates will really strike a note with fans of the Games.”

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Prince William & Kate Middleton – Aston Martin Private Plate

After a kiss that thrilled the nation, Prince William drove full throttle into the nation’s affections as he took his new wife on an unexpected drive to Clarence House.

They left their Buckingham Palace reception in Prince Charles’s open-top Aston Martin with ‘Just wed’ on the number plate.

It was the fitting climax to what had already been a remarkable day – and it was the common touch his mother Diana would have been proud of.

Prince William emerges from Buckingham Palace in his father’s dark blue Aston Martin as the crowd roars. The number plate on the rear said ‘Just Wed’

Unexpected: William motors around Buckingham Palace with his new wife in his father’s 38-year-old Aston Martin which Charles was given as a gift for his 21st birthday party

Happy couple: The Aston Martin Volante is decorated with balloons and a ‘Just Wed’ registration plate, as William and Catherine emerge in the soft-top vehicle

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Crackdown on illegal number plates during March

AN operation targeting drivers with “misrepresented” number plates has been launched by police.

Operation Dragon, which is running throughout March, involves officers from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to clamp down on illegal number plates.

Anyone caught displaying a number plate which does not meet the DVLA’s criteria will be pulled over and could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Number plates must be in the correct font, not use offensive words and be readable to the naked eye.

They should also be made from a reflective material with black characters on a white background at the front, and black characters on a yellow background at the rear.

Police will also be looking out for adjusted fixings or bolts which alter spaces or obscure characters to appear as something else.

Hertfordshire ANPR manager, Inspector Andy Piper, said: “Plates that are difficult to read pose a threat to identifying vehicles that may have used for criminal purposes.

“I would therefore urge anyone using a misrepresented plate, or who is not aware of the permitted layout, to familiarise themselves with the correct format and change their licence plate as soon as possible

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