Best way to fir a Car Number Plates on UK Cars

There are several individuals who spend a ton of money on personalized car number plates, yet sadly have no clue how to mount them. Not knowing how to fit them perfectly will make them look awkward and as a result tarnish their appeal. Until now, self tapping screws were used to drill and fix car number plates to a vehicle, but that has since changed. Today however almost all car number plates are glued to the vehicle thanks to the advent of plastic bumpers and dual sided tape.

Best way to Mount Car Number Plates on UK Cars Best-way-to-fit-Car-Number-Plates-on-UK-Cars to saying the conventional method of mounting car number plates and the latest technique of installation each have their fair share of pros and cons, which we aim to highlight in the following paragraphs. The old way of installing car number plates with screws will undeniably secure the plates well, but at times the screws may head in a different direction than intended close to or through a digit. This can alter the car number plate and allow water may to seep through the holes, and separate the acrylic and reflective over time.

If you’re going to mount car number plates with screws, start by determining an accurate position for where the screw heads will land, and start drilling from the face and stop as soon as the drill tip hits the other side. Now flip the plate, and drill from the back until the drill breaks through, which will prevent the reflective and acrylic from falling apart. Be careful not to drill through a digit, but if you do simply add a bit of black paint to the tip of the screw to improve the appearance.

If the tip of the screw lands in other areas other than the digits such as a blank space, use readily available screw head covers to blend them in with the acrylic. You can opt for yellow and white plastic bolts in this situation, but they do not prove useful on modern integrated bumpers. Sticking the car number plates right on to the vehicle is another great option, but the only pitfall with this method is the high chances of one of them coming off. As a solution, clean the area where the car number plates will be fitted thoroughly, and de-grease it with a solvent. Once done, use high quality and lots of sticky fixers to affix them to the vehicle.

The last option and probably the easiest way of mounting car number plates is to get a set of mounting frames and then clip the plates right onto them. This mounting method is also great for those who change their car often as you can keep your plates when you sell the vehicle and mount them onto your new – 0208 144 1715

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