What to Look for in Replacement Number Plates ?

The law requires that number plates be fitted on your registered vehicle and be clearly visible from a distance of 20 meters. If your plates have been damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, you can easily order replacement number plates via our site. As an authorized number plate supplier, we can only provide replacement number plates that comply to current legal specifications. A new set of plates will give your vehicle a new lease of life, and with so many styles and customization options to choose from coupled with our easy to use plate designer, we can definitely help you make your vehicle stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Before you set out to buy replacement number plates, it is good to keep in mind some essential information so that you are rest assured that you receive the right plates for your vehicle.

Apart from number plates being broken, faded or having marks obscuring the letters and numbers, another reason to buy replacement number plates is to have them personalized. A custom combination of various numbers and letters representing important words that have specific significance such as your name can be had at a small price. Using a bit of imagination, you can spell out literally anything you desire on your replacement number plates UK versions. Shopping for number plates from us is easy, fast and convenient and the plates you buy are sure to adhere to the specifications set out by the DLVA.

A good way to get familiar with what’s legal and what’s not is to visit the official DLVA website, which also lists the criteria for replacement number plates. You must provide us with legal documents (original) such as one for your proof of identity and one for proof of entitlement. Collectively, both the documents must clearly reveal your name, address or vehicle entitlement. In addition, the replacement number plates you receive from us will bear our name and postcode at the botton part of the plates, which is another legal requirement.

You should avoid adding placing any symbols such as football club badges as it is illegal, and the only symbols you can display on the left side are:

Cross of St Andrew – also known as the Saltire
Union Flag
Cross of St George
Red Dragon of Wales

These tips will help you when shopping for replacement number plates, but bottom line is that they must adhere to the specifications set out by the DLVA.www.Premier-Number-Plate.co.uk – 0208 144 1715

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