Registration Plates Current Layout & Legalities

Current Layout
The current layout for UK layouts was introduced back in 2001 and it looks set to stay for a number of years yet. At the moment the number plate has a two letter regional identifier as well as a two year code to show you the year it was registered.

The Legalities
You cannot just make your own number plate, because there are so many rules that you have follow to make sure you don’t break the law. The font that you use has to be a certain size and you have to give consideration to the spacing between letters and numbers. You cannot change this spacing to make words more obvious, because that would make your number plate illegal.
You also need to make sure that your number plate is displayed on both the front and the back of your vehicle.

Ensuring You Are Legal
There are loads of retailers that sell number plates, so you have to make sure you are road legal. Firstly make sure what you are buying is not a show number plate, which is designed just to be fun and not to be used on a vehicle. Also make sure you buy from a manufacturer that is registered with the DVLA.
What Happens If Your Number Plate Is Illegal?

You could face an on the spot fine of £60.00 if your number plate does not meet the legal standards.
Finding A Number Plate Supplier
If you aren’t sure of a number plate supplier to use then a quick check our site or call us if you have any question regarding the manufacture or current law of registrations, we can help when it comes to getting your number plate made and within to ensure that you don’t get into trouble! – 0208 144 1715

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