Personalised Registraion Plates UK

Why It Is Important To Get It Right

We all know that personalised number plates can look fantastic on a vehicle. Whether you already have a car that stands out from the crowd or you simply want your everyday vehicle to look better, >personalised number plates could be exactly what you are looking for.

However when it comes to getting these made up, you have to take several things into consideration. At the end of the day number plates are there to fulfil a legal obligation – so you cannot just go ahead and have these made up however you want. You have to bear in mind the legal rules to ensure that whatever type of personalised plate you have isn’t going to get you into trouble.
Of course you also have to make sure it is registered properly, because you can’t just ‘decide’ on your own number plates.
What Should I Bear In Mind?

– You have to have number plates displayed on the front and back of your vehicle
– Number plates should be easy to read
– Front number plates should be black type on a white plate
– Back number plates should be black type on a yellow plate
– They should be printed onto the right material
– Letter size and spacing must be of a set size.

While all of this can seem confusing to get right, if you use a professional number plate company then they take care of this for you. There are different number plate companies that you can use but you must use one that follows the British Standard guidelines. That way you can feel confident that your number plate is not only going to look great, but it is also not going to get you into trouble by being printed incorrectly. – 0208 144 1715

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