Why Should I Replace My Number Plate?

Why Should I Replace My Number Plate?

Number plates are designed to be clear and easy to read – so that vehicles are easily recognisable. If your number plate has been damaged and the letters/numbers aren’t as easy to read as they should be then you could land yourself in hot water. There are a number of rules surrounding number plates – the font has to be correct, the size of the letters, the spacing between them and the way that they are displayed are all legislated. If your number plate doesn’t match this then you could risk a hefty fine.

Replacing Number Plates is Easy

When you look at how easy it is to get hold of number plates and even fit them to your vehicle, you’ll see that there is no reason to risk a fine in this way. You can easily buy road-worthy number plates from online retailers, many of which will get it shipped to you for delivery the very next day. They often come with fitting kits which means that you can easily fit it to your own vehicle, even if you have never done this before!

With it being so easy, there really is no excuse to risk getting into trouble by driving around with a damaged number plate.

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