Rules Surrounding A New Number Plate

The Rules Surrounding A New Number Plate

Whether you just want to replace your number plate, or the one of your vehicle is broken it stands to reason that you are going to want to make sure you go about it the wrong way.
Plate Rules and Legal Requirements
When it comes to displaying number plates on vehicles, there are a number of rules surrounding this. Lots of them refer to the font and spacing used and are in place to make sure that number plates are easy to read.
Size Guidelines are:

Height 79mm
Width 50mm
Stroke 14mm
Side margin 11mm
Top & bottom margin 11mm
Space between characters 11mm
Space between groups 33mm

Buying Replacement Number Plates

If you are buying a replacement number plate you need to make sure you are buying from the right place. Buying road worthy number plates is essential – because many retailers sell ‘fun’ number plates which aren’t designed to be displayed on vehicles.
Looking online and making sure that the replacement number plate company you use follows the DVLA number plate regulations and rules is essential. If you display a number plate on your car that doesn’t fit the legalities then you could land yourself in hot water and even a hefty fine! – 0208 144 1715

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