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When you need a legal number plate supplier for the Birmingham area, we can provide you with next day delivery when proof of entitlement and personal details have been verified. Our number plates are some of the highest quality and most affordable that you can find online. We offer considerably cheaper prices than all of our local competitors. The material that we use to manufacture some of our Birmingham number plates is high-quality and we use the latest, most innovative technology to accomplish our goals. We also comply with all of the requirements of the DVLA. We are one of the only premium number plate suppliers in the UK, we make sure that the number plates are correctly spaced out in between the letters and that the number plate itself is rectangular in shape and the correct size.

The standard number plate size front number plate is 520 mm × 111 mm (20½" × 4⅜"). There is no specified legal size for a number plate. For example, the replacement rear number plate. However, all number plates must adhere to British Standard BSAU 145d, which must be marked on the plate, along with the name and postcode of the manufacturer and of the plates.

When it comes to getting an affordable license number plate for your car, it's very important that you go with a quality company. Here at Premier Number Plates we ensure that our clients are provided with the very best vehicle registration services, we go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for. We also allow you to preview your design before it goes live, you can see the front and back of the license registration plate. Furthermore, you can even perfect the border, badge, and front side of the license plate to your liking. .

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