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Searching for a Reading number plate company? You found us!

If you are hoping to purchase a legal number plate for your vehicle and you want to find a website that is catering to the Reading area, then you have come to the right location. We are of legal number plate supplier for the Reading area and we provide everything that you could possibly need. Furthermore, our number plates are manufactured from some of the highest quality materials that can be used in the industry. We produce products that are guaranteed to be long-lasting and compliant with all DVLA requirements. We have standards that we have to live up to, the DVLA has legal requirement for all vehicles on the roadway, and we ensure that your vehicle will be fully compliant with those standards.

When you are getting a license plate for your vehicle, it's important that you customize that plate so it matches exactly what you are looking for. Our plates are automatically sized to the legal standards that are required by the DVLA, but we do allow you to customize various other aspects of the plate. For instance, you can change the font, you can customize the border, you can add a badge, and you can decide to purchase front and rear, front only, or rear only.
Our license number plates are some of the cheapest that you can find online, we cater to the Berkshire area but we have license plates for all surrounding regions as well. If you are looking for a top-quality place to order your registration numbers for your vehicle online, we offer a solution that can't be beaten. You’ll find our prices affordable and our plates made to a high quality, so it really is the ideal place to get a number plate made up for your vehicle, whatever your requirements are.

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